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GranDale Manor was originally built in 1830, and has been utilized by generations for multiple purposes.  During the Civil War, the Manor was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers, and was further utilized as a part of the Underground Railroad to aid in the liberation of slaves.

  In 1997, GranDale Manor was relocated from where it originally stood to its current location on a secluded hill, mere moments from downtown Nashville and the airport.  In 2011, GranDale Manor was completely renovated with special attention toward maintaining the architectural integrity and essence of the building.  The original, ornate fireplace mantle sets a template for the manor’s intricate trim work, while resting upon the original marble hearth. The original hardwood floors were revived and refinished to their former glory.  The crystal chandeliers cast a glorious light resulting in a grand surrounding for every occasion.

  Today, GranDale Manor serves as a Law Office and a venue to facilitate events of all kinds.  From birthday parties and high school reunions to weddings and receptions, GranDale Manor is a great venue to host all your celebrations.


 For more information, email or call  615-885-0225.

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